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This is what I needed 10 yrs ago when I began my journey into Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing and Selling. When I started I had to create my own “PCB Handbook”. The literature around me at that time was excellent “Bedtime” reading -- or reading that could replace sleeping pills!  But Dan and Bob have actually created the most comprehensive PCB Handbook out there in the market today. The History, Present, How to buy PCBs, Strategies for success in the industry are all presented here eloquently and in an exciting manner within 100 pages. I would call this the "PCB Handbook for Dummies", as it is so informative but comes across as a very readable package. Thank you for this great tool Dan and Bob!

Milplex Circuit (Canada), Inc.
Davinder Dhanoa

I recently had the opportunity to read an advanced copy of the new book by Dan Beaulieu and Robert Tarzwell titled PCB 101 Handbook. Dan and Robert are not only esteemed colleagues but are also personal friends of mine, so of course I agreed to give it a read. However, after reading it one Saturday (the book is a quick, easy read) I was so impressed I felt compelled to write this book review for them.
I found the first chapter History of the PCB especially endearing as I was there on the front lines of PCB manufacturing for much of the evolution discussed in the chapter. Although, contrary to popular belief, I did not screw copper strips to wood on the first PCBs, the section on hand cutting litho tape artwork and stylus drilling machines brought back some not so fond memories.
The subsequent chapters cover everything from PCB manufacturing process steps and design guides to technology and specifications. Back when I was making boards, I would have loved to have had a book like this to hand to every new hire with the assignment of reading it from cover to cover before they ever stepped out on the manufacturing floor. This book is a resource that should be in every PCB manufacturer’s library and on the desk of every board rat like me. Very nicely done guys!

Steven U. Williams
Commodity Manager
Plexus Corp.    

I read the handbook over the weekend and I think it is great. You have covered a lot of territory and the handbook has a ton of useful information.
Speaking of HDI, the PCB 101 Handbook has High-Density Information; it is jam-packed with useful and well-organized information. The handbook should be read by all new employees who have an interest in the PCB industry, as well as by industry veterans. It should be on the bookshelf of every PCB manufacturer and buyer.

Tom Kastner
GP Ventures

The most comprehensive and succinct book on printed circuit boards available.  Whether you're designing, manufacturing, buying or selling PCBs these pages are jam-packed with information you will find helpful. This book, written by two industry veterans with complementary areas of expertise, covers a range of topics including the history of the industry as well as information on design, fabrication and product type – they even give you tips on buying PCBs. I would recommend this book to anyone involved in the printed circuit board design, manufacturing and assembly industries.

Paul J. Emello
Capitol Technologies, LLC

Unless you’re a pathetic geek… you don’t know how a printed circuit board is made!!!  Everything is done for us, making us powerless. Don’t panic! This book takes you through the basic steps involved in pcb fabrication, explaining the processes, areas of critical concern and new challenges. 

Im a salesman (so I can be trusted) and this was an easy read, meaning students, professionals, hobbyists, artists, geeks and non geeks can all comprehend this little handbook.  By the end of the manual, you should be able to avoid, solve or at least communicate your pcb issues. THANK YOU Mr. Beaulieu and Dr. Tarzwell!

Marissa Oskarsen – The Printed Circuit Girl

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